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Hey 😛 I made a new top and named it after something I’m really deficient on lol .

It was quite an adventure meshing this as I kept running into annoying “issues” but all should be well now.

As always hope you enjoy!   ♡ ♡ ♡



» Properly tagged.

» Disallowed for random.

» All lods done.

» Custom bump, specular and shadow maps.

» 30 solid swatches (Nuance Palette) + 5 floral patterns.

» Base Game Compatible.

» Download comes in a zip folder with a PSD and the previews.

» Custom thumbnail:



» Recolors allowed (you can include the mesh but please link to original).

» Mesh edits allowed (please credit and link to original).

» Don’t repost or claim as your own.

» Be nice and play nice 😉


»»»» Download (Simfileshare) ««««



@aharris00britney for testing. Sorry for being a pain, Austie. ♡

@weepingsimmer & @simmiliefinds for preview inspo.

@simsontherope for the palette.

Thank you so much for the help, guys!   ♡

Get the download link

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