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🌷🌼🌻The Equinox Collection🌻🌼🌷

by @bowl-of-plumbobs​ & @saurussims​ ~

It’s March, and that means it’s practically spring (at least here in the northern hemisphere hehe) which in turn means it’s time for summery clothes as soon it’s warm enough that your eyelashes no longer gather frost when outside, right?

We have been hard at work all Februay to bring you this collection of 20 new items;15 new meshes+3 recolours and 2 accessories!!

  • Everything is BGC
  • All solid items come in a new “equinox” palette with 25 swatches
  • Patterned items have between 15 and 20 swatches
  • All Hairs are hat compatible and come with 18 EA swatches
  • In addition to being hat compatible, the June hair comes with an accessory scrunchie (found under hats since you’ll either use the scrunchie or a hat, not both heh)
  • The scrunchie is a mesh edit of this wonderful scrunchie accessory by the lovely @Leeleesims1 💜 so go check out the original and the hair it goes with because they rock beyond all👌
  • April hair also comes with headband overlay so you can match the headband to all outfits perfectly ^^ (also found under hats!)
  • Maple skirt comes with a bow overlay so you can change the colour of the bow if you like, found under gloves.
  • Everything comes complete with all lods, normals, speculars, shadows, proper tags, and they’re disabled for random

Please don’t reupload, claim as your own, or put behind any adlinks etc!


 🌼⭐Download⭐🌼 (pr 24.03)  + more info/pics


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So happy it’s out, Kiki

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