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munch – stuff pack

hello everyone!

this kitchen was a new experience of making cc for me. i learned a lot and had a lot of failures on the way but in the end it all worked out how i wanted it and i am very pleased with the result!
the built-in stove and figuring out how to make a cutout in the counter for the sink was very challenging but because of this community it went well after all.
if you are making cc yourself and have problems with similar projects, feel free to ask me for help because some stuff is hard to find a tutorial for.
i really hope you like these new objects and have fun decorating with them!

this pack includes 11 new items:

– kitchen counter

– kitchen island

– kitchen cabinet

– shelf

– sink

– fridge

– built-in stove

– zigzag wood floor

– tiled wallpaper

– half-tiled wallpaper

– plain wallpaper

download here (early access via patreon)


May 7, 2021 at 11:51 PM

everything is basegame compatible!

t.o.u.: please don’t reupload my mesh without my permission. recolours are always welcome (please tag me so i can see it!)


Download link here

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