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Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well! 🙂

I’ve been using @reticulates beautiful “Daydreamin’ eye set” as defaults  for my sims game for ages now and so, naturally, I wanted the Cottage Living Critters’ eyes to match.

@maxismatchccworld @maxismatch4sims @mmoutfitters​



» All animals’ eyes were changed (foxes, llamas, cows, chickens, bunnies).

» The animals won’t show up as cc.

» I increased the texture size for chickens, bunnies and llamas to improve pixelation.

» Different animal “variants” have different eye colors (e.g., white hens have blue eyes and brown hens have green eyes).

» Requires Cottage Living.


»»»» Download (Mediafire) ««««



@puderosasims for holding my hand trough the process. Without you I wouldn’t have figured it out. ♡

@aharris00britney for helping me loads with the preview and for testing as well. 

@reticulates for the eye-set that I absolutely adore. 

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