SUNFLOWER Skin & Overlay + BONUS BodyoilHi guys! Here I…

SUNFLOWER Skin & Overlay + BONUS Bodyoil

Hi guys! ♥ Here I have a new skin which I’ve been working on the recent days, it’s a skin with super soft facial features and a toned body with 2 cleavage versions.

The skin comes in 2 variations, both can be found under skin details category:

  • Covering skin with my own color palette in 50 colors, which are all available in 2 different cleavage versions (100 swatches all over). For female+male, teen-elder.
  • Overlay version which is compatible with all original EA swatches and sliders, comes in 16 versions, all in different opacity versions and different compatibilities with original eyelids and muscle/fatness sliders. 4 of the over

Download link here

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