faded-springs’ BOLD – mission…

Download link here

BOLD – mission undecided armchair

hi friends! another object to add to the BOLD collection! Thanks for your submissions, this is one is off the list, and I got a few other great suggestions that I will do another time. If you want to suggest something for me to make as part of the collection, go here!!

the BOLD collection is a project where I take an object from the game and throw all my bright & bold patterns on it. It’s a “slow collection”, where an object gets added one by one, instead of all at once!

deets + dl under the cut

  • BGC
  • 40 pattern swatches
  • custom thumbnail / under living ‘chairs’ 

download: patreon (ad-free, all my content is free forever)

alt download: sfs (ad-free)

tou: do not put behind paywalls, do not reupload to other sites. do whatever else you want,

Download link here

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