ceeproductions’ Modern Menswear…

Modern Menswear Set

This is a set containing 6 items for your masculine framed sims. 

4 Tops

2 Bottoms

All are BGC


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Long Shirt v1

This is the top separated from that full body outfit from the Modern Menswear Kit

 14 Swatches


Custom maps, lods

 3.8K Poly

Long Shirt v2

This is another version of the shirt. Meant the mimic those long curved hem t-shirts.

9 Swatches


Custom maps, lods

 3.6k Poly

Overshirt Tucked

Yet another version of that shirt that came with Incheon arrivals lol 

22 Swatches


Custom maps, lods

4.6k Pol

Download link here

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