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lavish – stuff pack

hello everyone!

i wanted to make a walk-in closet ever since dream home decorator came out. at that time i didn’t have the skills to make it possible but i am very happy to present you my own wardrobe system now!
coming with 8 different pieces to build you dream wardrobe. it was maybe the pack i spent the most time on so far. especially because figuring out the snap points for the clothes was not in my comfort zone. in the end i was extra proud that everything is working the way i wanted and i also added a little extra tuning to the shoes to make them compatible with the option to take off shoes inside for those of you who have snowy escape installed.

credit for the beautiful patterns on the hanging clothes goes to the wonderful @miikocc!

i really hope you like this custom content set and have a lot of fun decorating with it!

thank you for supporting my creations 💛

this pack comes with 25 new items:

– shoebox (functional as storage)
– shoppingbag
– 8 wardrobe pieces
– 5 pairs of shoes (functional like

Download link here

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