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The Kerv Collection – Part 1 | greenllamas

So… it has been a while but I am back with some cc! Except it’s build cc! I have been working on this collection since September but honestly the progress has super slow since uni has been draining my life force and now I don’t force myself to make cc anymore unless I feel like it. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish everything in time before the end of the month so it is releasing in two parts instead of one. Part 2 will be coming….soonish.

Download Details:

There are 6 items in part 1 of the collection:

  • Leggy Dining Chair
  • Bone Dance Floor Lamp
  • Inkblot Rug
  • Leaning Mirror
  • Pearphone Mirror
  • Round and Round Dining Table

The other table in the picture and the chair in the corner will be arriving with Part 2.

  • All the items have a custom icon and you should be able to find all the items together by searching for “Kerv” in build mode.


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