– ̗̀ Lola Dress ̖́- (TS4)


  • Download Dress: Patreon (now) | Simfileshare (February, 11th)

The dress is very much inspired by Dolores’ dress in Encanto, at least the original swatch. Then I decided to add some more floral and tropical and cute swatches, I also added some swatches inspired by dresses used in Colombian dances. And yeah, this is what we have now, hope you like it 💕.

PS. this dress has some clipping issues, but I really tried to fix it completely, I couldn’t 😫. But it’s mostly with some poses, hope it doesn’t bother!

PS.2 The ribbon thing, you can find it in the gloves section, was made specifically for this dress. It may work with some other stuff, but most likely it won’t 😂. Sorry.

PS.3 This dress looks super pretty with this necklace, and I could say they’re a set. I spend hours making sure they work well together, so, if you have the chance, please use them together ❤️.

Lola Dress

  • For toddlers.
  • New Mesh | Whole Body.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 10 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.
  • HQ Compatible.

Lola Ribbon

  • For toddlers.
  • New Mesh | Acc | Gloves.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 15 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal Map.
  • HQ Compatible.

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