joliebean’s Hair Salon Set by Joliebean As many of you know, terrible things…

Hair Salon Set by Joliebean

As many of you know, terrible things happen right now. I’m going to take a hiatus for the next month because I don’t know what the future holds for me. I happen to live in the country that unleashed a terrible war on another country. I never thought I’d witness such times, but never say never I guess. I hate saying goodbye like this, I don’t want this to be a goodbye. I’m hoping for the best. For Ukraine, for my country, for everyone else who is affected by one mad man’s actions. It’s next to impossible to wrap in words everything I feel right now. There’s nothing I can say to make things better.

I hope it’s not my last post here. I really really want to post CC again, to talk about the sims with you, to make silly sims memes and just to live my normal life again. I met a lot of wonderful people in the community and I will cherish the moments we had together forever. Stay strong, I love you all. Enjoy the set. 💓

p.s. Please, consider to donate to the Ukrainian organizations to help them, they need it the most right now.

  • BGC
  • standalone
  • 12 items
  • all accessories are separate (can be found in the hats category)
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnail
  • PSDs can be found HERE
  • my TOU

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