°◍° °Octopus Mori ° °◍°This time I made these mutant octopuses,…

°◍° °Octopus Mori ° °◍°

This time I made these mutant octopuses, as they have more than 8 arms (≧▽≦) I didn’t realize it until I finished the mesh and don’t want to make their arms even bigger 🐙


♡ All Lods

♡ Plant / Decor

♡ Custom thumbnail

♡ 4 Tagged swatches 

I wanted them to be in a plain ceramic texture, which is a bit matte and rigid so, hope you like them, as always let me know if you run into any issues 💜 

Also, wanna say I am really grateful to all ccfind and personal blogs who shared the posts. Thanks to you, more people are able to know cc that creators work hard on, You guys rock! 💫

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