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A couple of days ago I reached a very special milestone on my tumblr. I felt like going back to my CAS CC roots and, well, I ended up creating a new piece of CAS CC! I must say, it feels very nice to switch gears, and I had so much fun creating this dress. Thank you so much for your support over the past months!

Anyway, here’s some info about the dress:

  • Base game compatible
  • Base game mesh, all LODS
  • Custom specular and normal maps
  • 18 solid swatches from peacermaker-ic’s palettes + 4 iridescent swatches (all swatches are tagged)
  • Disabled for random/situation category
  • Custom CAS thumbnail


DOWNLOAD (+ in-game preview, free)

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@maxismatchccworld @sssvitlanz @mmfinds @s4libra

Download link here

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