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[ Serawis ] MMO Reshade

A reshade I created for myself, but I thought I’d share! It’s inspired by MMOs and JRPGs, where you get a dramatic yet glowing look.

File includes three options: CAS, daylight gameplay and nighttime gameplay. The gameplay options can be played really during any time of the day without any major differences – it’s mostly if you are taking screenshots and don’t want any weird shadows showing as some shaders can look a bit off during different times, but nothing too dramatic.Magic DoF is disabled by default, you can enable it for screenshots!Might be performance heavy, however “performance mode” looks really nice too!Should look nice on most skintones!Make sure you disable Edge Smoothing and Postprocessing Effects.If you take any screenshots with these please feel free to tag me! I’d love to see.For version 5.1.0 (might work with older versions, if so please let me know), make sure do download all shaders offered.

I hope you like it! ♥

download under the cut!  (free, no ads)

DL: patreon

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