joliebean’s Padstow Sofa Set by JoliebeanMy very first ever objects set It…

Padstow Sofa Set by Joliebean

My very first ever objects set 🥺 It took me an entire month and a billion of my smol brain cells to finish it, but it was worth it. I always felt like TS4 lacked some cute comfy sofas so when I wanted to try my hand on buy items I decided to make some of these and look how it turned out! I’m so proud of myself. Let me know if you encounter any problems. Enjoy and happy weekend 💕

p.s. thank you @maxsus for helping me with this set, it wouldn’t be possible without you 🥰

  • BGC
  • standalone
  • 3 items
  • 30 plain swatches, 5 pattern swatches
  • sofas can be used without the accessories
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnail
  • PSDs can be found HERE
  • my TOU

Download – Patreon (Free)

Download link here

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