solistair – Wolfe BootsMY FIRST. EVER. SHOES. Ohhh my gosh am I so happy to…

Wolfe Boots

MY FIRST. EVER. SHOES. Ohhh my gosh am I so happy to finally release these! I recently became obsessed with Naked Wolfe heels but 1) they cost an arm an a leg, and 2) I don’t leave the house enough to warrant saving for them. But then I had the brilliant idea of trying to make these in an MM style for sims!

So! Here’s a pair of platform heeled boots with a reaaal chunky heel, nicely curved and angled, too. The back features a simlish strip that goes up to this tiny flap thing that you hold when you shove your foot in, you know? I really hope you’ll like these!!

Base Game Compatible2 versions: Full colour shoe and black sole version20 solids in the Hibiscus palette13 solids in the Natural paletteAll LODs

👉 Download on my Patreon (Early Access!)
👉 (Public Access on 10 May)

Thank you so very much for your support! ♥

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