˖✻*˸🌸*⋆ Bunny Holder ⋆*🌸˸*✻˖Normally, I wouldn’t think of…

˖✻*˸🌸*⋆ Bunny Holder ⋆*🌸˸*✻˖

Normally, I wouldn’t think of making such tiny objects, but couldn’t resist the idea ( ^ o ^ ) . The holder comes with 5 swatches, one of them is without a stripe.


♡ Decor

♡ All Lods

♡ Custom thumbnail

♡ 5 Tagged swatches

Sorry for the weird in-game preview. It was difficult to adjust the light and angle as it was a little small. As always let me know if you run into any issues. Hope you enjoy it!! 🐇 

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