aharris00britney’s AxA Girlboss | Public on 05-23What comes after being a Kappa…

AxA Girlboss | Public on 05-23

What comes after being a Kappa and ruling over the sorority life hierarchy? Well, becoming an absolute girlboss of course. With the new AxA pack Ayoshi and I have made, your sims will have three outfits to summon their inner girlboss and look like they’re ready gaslight any other sim they see.  And remember, gatekeeping is a key part of this lifestyle. So don’t let any other sims get what you’ve worked for! Enjoy

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The item index linked above will show the basic info for the items in this collab. Below are credits + Patreon .zip download of the entire pack

Basic info

All items are BGC and do not require other meshes/packages/versions.All hairs come in 24 EA ColorsThe clothes come in 1 out of 2 palettes
► 30 colorful solids  |   palette used
► 35 patterns
► 15 metalicsReport any issues to me through Tumblr DM with images.Follow my TOU for all items

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