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Moonlight Sneakers – Moonlight Chic Kit Sneakers Edit

Someone asked me if I had any plans to make the new shoes more platformy, like I did with the Incheon and Uni sneakers. And you know me, I love a good platform and chunky look, so here they are! Honestly, EA’s shoes are getting better and better imo, like the texture is flawless, and look at these cute colourful swatches!! But they are always too flat to my liking so I gotta fix that! This is not an override but a seperate file, works on both frames and is base game compatible! 

  • custom thumbnail
  • 16 original swatches
  • base game compatible
  • female & male frame
  • edited EA mesh by me
  • please read and respect my TOU
  • you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi if you want



UPDATE: 12TH JULY, 2022, fixed the ankle issue with the male version! Please redownload the file!

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