joliebean’s Nail It! Set by JoliebeanEveryone loves a good nail set, and Im…

Nail It! Set by Joliebean

Everyone loves a good nail set, and I’m not an exception to the rule. You like it long? I gotcha. You prefer it office friendly? I also got you covered. All the nail shapes sans the toe nails come in 2 finishes – matte and glossy. Make it shiny or keep it casual, the choice is yours. Plus, you will have 35 vibrant colour options to choose from so you could match your little claws with any possible outfit. Enjoy and happy simming 💅

  • BGC
  • standalone
  • 35 swatches
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnail
  • PSDs can be found HERE
  • my TOU

Download – Patreon (Free)

Download link here

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