orangeresearcher’s The Encircled Vase

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Encircled Vase

So I was inspired by sketches (as seen only by my patrons) and created this really cool floor vase. I used the original flowers from the flower pot I used, as I liked them and thought they would make for a nice compliment to the stone. 

I’m also bringing some of my creations to Second Life, so some of my ideas will make the digital jump into new forms. 

  • BGC
  • Deco -> Plants
  • Custom Shadow
  • T.O.U (tag me if you use it a build, feel free to include with your build downloads and No converting it for other games/Sims games without my permission!)
  • Maxis Match/Maxis Mix
  • Custom Catalogue Text and Images
  • 3 Swatches
  • Search “Orange Researcher” to find all my b/b content in your game

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Download link here

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