orangeresearcher’s The Tilda Candle…

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This was an undertaking. I had to not only learn a new Blender version (2.9), but also had to learn how to do flames. ugh. lol but I got things straightened out and they look so good in game.

Feel free to leave a tip for this one because this wore me out!

See all the variations at my Patreon!


1. Two sticks with candles

2. Two sticks without candles

3. One stick with candles

4. One stick without candles

There are 26 swatches on all of them. 14 modern solids, 4 woods, 2 concretes, and 6 marble.

  • BGC
  • W/Candle(s): Lighting -> Table Lamp, Deco -> Clutter, Deco -> Sculpture
  • W/O Candles: Deco -> Clutter, Deco -> Sculpture
  • Custom Shadow
  • T.O.U (tag me if you use it a build, feel free to include with your build downloads and No converting it f

Download link here

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