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SOLSTAR Underwear for Women!

A set of five different style underwear for women, some higher and some lower. Some have more cheed and some have less cheek, one even has barely anything at all! Insert shock face! This set is a matching to the male underwear set and will recieve several top variations. ♥ Hope you like them!

Base Game CompatibleSimlish font!
5 styles: Long and short briefs, bikini, thong, and boyshort20 solids in the Hibiscus paletteAll LODs

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👉 (Public Access on 7 March)

Your pledge as my patreon helps me so much and every single penny goes to rent, food, and sims packs to make more CC. Thank you so very much for your support, truly, and I wish you a lovely day!

Updated 13/05/2022: Normal issue fixed!

Really sorry about the mistake on these! It seems I missed a few normal maps when editing these and so you will have seen a line that looks like the shadow of a brief but it’s now hopefully fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. ♥ Please redownload if you’re using these.

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