solistair – Sorbet HoodieI’m a huge fan of cropped anything combined with…

Sorbet Hoodie

I’m a huge fan of cropped anything combined with high waisted anything but I’m also obsessed with oversized styled pretty much anything, So I played around with a hoodie mesh idea! Puffy lovely hoodie, fluffed up arms, cropped at the mid section, and then dyed in a variety of crazy colours. If crazy colours are not your thing, don’t worry! It also comes in the regular 20 Hibiscus palette colours! ♥

Base Game Compatible20 solids in the Hibiscus palette18 different dual colour/shade optionsAll LODs

👉 Download on my Patreon (Early Access!)
👉 (Public Access on 31 May)

Thank you so very much for your support! ♥

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