ceeproductions’ Remastered Collection I…

Remastered Collection 

I finally didn’t wait 2 months to release new cc!! wow!! 

General Info:
• 2 Hairs

• 4 Tops

• 2 Bottoms

• 1 Facial Hair 

• 1 Accessory 

All are BGC

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Sponge Curls 

A mesh and texture edit of the sponge curls we got in a SDX. It’s still not perfect but I think it still came out pretty cute.

• 24 Swatches

• Hat Compatible

• Masc. Frame

• T-E

• Shadow, Normal & Spec. Maps; All LODs

3.8K Poly

Credit: @simandy Hair Gradients | @aharris00britney Hair Gradients

Curly Top Bun

Me using this hair base to death

• 24 Swatches

• NOT Hat Compatible

• Masc. Frame

• T-E

• Shadow & Normal Maps; All LODs

4.6K Poly

Credit: @simandy Hair Gradients | @aharris00britney Hair Gradients | @imvikai bun from their Sage hair

Tucked Tee

Another tucked tee cause why not. Different mesh and textures from my last with like 4 different acid wash swatches cause I’m indecisive lol

• 33 Swatches

• T-E

• Shadow, Nor

Download link here

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