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Make or Break Collection ♥️

You won’t believe just how much meshing went into this set! From the jewelry to the dress and the remade straps of the top – most of this set is meshed from scratch in at least some form. It was quite the feat, but in the end here we (successfully) are ♡

» A better look at the rings and nails «

Also, one more look at the dress because I like it and it deserved better than that unflattering pic

  • 17 bgc items
  • female, teen to elder
  • 27 solids  ||  40 tartans  ||  15 metals
  • earrings are made for ear preset #2
  • rings come as stacks for left and right hand
  • 3 nails shapes in shiny or matte finish
  • LODs, maps, thumbnails, color-tagged (except the tartans)
  • marlowe dress overlays in » toenail polish «
  • disallowed for random
  • more of #my cc

 Download under the cut – early access (public July 18th 2022) RELEASED

Make or Break Collection ♥️


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