BIG BO$$ Set

SIM’s Collab – Shoestopia (@shoestopia​) , Iconic (@soiconic​) and Momo (@momosimz)

I loved that by joining our initial letters we form the word SIM. XD Hahah

This is Part. 2 of our collaboration, a men’s set. If you really liked our collaboration and if this post if this post gets a lot of likes and reblogs, we’ll do more collaborations like this in a near future! I hope you like it, because I really loved it.

I don’t need to say anything about this set. Jeans go with everything, and it’s so minimalist. Your Sim will love it..Play around with the available textures or the color wheel slider and create endless possibilities.

  • For The Sims 4  🕹️
  • Hairstyle +50 Swatches  🎨
  • Clothing +05 Swacth

Download link here

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