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Hi! I hope you don’t mind me posting this answer!

The patch affected single and double beds. What you need to do is update the slot and rig resources in your custom beds. I use Sims 4 Studio to create content.

Step 1. Clone any double or single bed (depending on whether you need to update a custom single or double bed).

Step 2. Go to Warehouse tab. Select slot and rig resources and batch export them. You will be adding them to your custom bed later.

Step 3. Open your custom bed package. Go to the Warehouse tab. Select a rig or slot resource. In the data tab, copy the instance number and save it somewhere.

Step 4. Delete both rig and slot resources from your custom bed package.

Step 5. Batch import the rig and slot binaries that you exported from a cloned bed earlier. In both newly added rig and slot resources, replace the

Download link here

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