marsosims’ yujin hairs;…

Download link here

yujin hairs;

I was messing around in blender and made a few hairs! I actually really like how they came out so I hope you guys like it as well, enjoy!

This piece of custom content is named after Kepler member Choi Yujin! She wore a hairstyle similar to this one in their Doublast Album photoshoots and I thought it was super cute 😀

EDIT: Terribly sorry! I forgot to credit @luumia​ for the clip mesh I used for version 1 of this hair. Thanks to their generous TOU, I was able to use the clip used in their Olivia Set to make this hair. Because of this, it is also compatible with the accessory clip recolor in that set. You can find the link to that above.

  • base game compatible
  • hat chops
  • lods
  • ea swatc

Download link here

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