mossylane’s nostalgic overalls…

Download link here

nostalgic overalls | 👖

i dunno, this just really reminded me of the kinda overalls i used to wear a lot when I was a kid huh…

  • base game compatible
  • feminine frames only
  • 2 versions (V2 is slightly shorter but baggier & tbh my fav version)
  • v1: 22 swatches 

    (11 stitched, 11 plain)

     v2: 30 swatches (11 stitched, 11 plain, 8 paint/dirt stains)

  • chunky side pockets for maximum storage !!!
  • (requires accessory shirts or your sims can just go topless and free the nipnops that’s cool too🍈🍈)

credits: caelhinn for the denim color palette, stamsim for the paint/dirt splotches, and my mom for buying me these overalls as a kid and giving me the idea 20 years lat

Download link here

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