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Sentate x Arethabee 

  • 10 new bgc items (my part)
  • hairs; 24 ea colors, hat compatible
  • more pics & download on the patreon post linked below
  • downloads page / cc tag

 “The Glitch Collection” 

Have you ever felt like you were living in a dream? Or perhaps in a game, in which every move you make is chosen for you. What if I told you that this was actually no dream at all. Would you choose to wake up and fight back? 

THE GLITCH collection will free your sims from the virtual world in style! 

Sentate and I thought your sims would need a fashionable collection of Matrix inspired looks  for when they eventually rebel and free themselves from the game. A collection of effortlessly cool leather and glossy pvc looks that are versatile and wearable for all sims; whether they pick the blue or the red pill!
The entire colle

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