trillyke’s LACES AND SPIKES…


Are you ready to rumble? 🖤 Cause now you can do it in style with this 20+ items collection – which is my biggest yet! Tops, bottoms, shoes and a ton of accessories help you to create the perfect punk look!! Mix & match, accessorize to your liking and go own that stage, the spotlight will definitely be on you! ✨

My biggest source of inspiration was the amazing k-rock band, Rolling Quartz, whose music and looks I absolutely adore!! ❤


Public release: 3rd August, 2022

General info:

  • custom thumbnail
  • 25 swatches (15 solids + 10 patterns)
  • base game compatible
  • edited EA mesh by me
  • please read and respect my TOU
  • you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi if you want

Credits: Hair #1 / Hair #2 / Hair #3 / Guitars & mic stand / Lot

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