ceeproductions’ High School…

High School Years Add-ons 

I suck at naming my collections ok!!! 

General Info:

4 Hairs

1 Set of edges (6 variants)

1 Full body outfit 

2 Tops

2 Accessories 

All are Base Game Compatible 

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High Curly Bun 

Edges are NOT included in the hair. Look best with them on or hairlines by Rheallsims

24 Swatches 

• T-E; Fem Frame

NOT hat compatible 

All maps, Lods

4.8k poly

Credit: Gradients by @simandy, @aharris00britney, @qwertysims, @marsosims 

High Curly Bun w. Scrunchie 

scrunchie included!

24 swatches 

• T-E; Fem Frame

NOT hat compatible 

Scrunchie overlay found in Hats (24 swatches)

• All maps, Lods

7.3k poly


Download link here

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