bergdorfverse’s Ghost Smasher Sneakers

Ghost Smasher Sneakers

Hey everyone, here are sneakers inspired by the collaboration between Reebok & Ghost Busters. I’ve been working on these sneakers for a while now because I wanted to explore how to make pieces glow in game to translate how they would look in life better and I am finally satisfied with the result! I added both Glowing & Solid versions so you can pick whichever you like best. I hope you will enjoy these sneakers as much as I do ❤️ 

You will get:

Ghost Smasher Sneakers

1 Swatch
Male & Female Versions
1 Decor Version

Ghost Smasher Sneakers ( Glow Edition )

1 Swatch
Male & Female Versions

Rigged Glow in The Dark Version for Blender

All LODs // Disabled for Random // Custom Thumbnail


Conversion // Do not recolor or convert without permission // Do not re-upload

Special thanks to @superdurant.xo for t

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