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I used to create a single young adult, get a job, get married, and most of the time, stay at home and raise kids. Eventually, I would get bored and just start a new family. So I want to share my tips on how to make the game more fun.

Take your sims out into the community

Take your sims out with friends, and kids, and go on dates to unusual places. If you are bored with restaurants, bars, and parks, in the gallery, you can download more unique lots like:


This type of lot is nice if your sim has a child. It could be a nice educational evening to spend with the kid, or it could even be a romantic date – watching the stars, but getting much closer than your sims usually do. Here is the one I have in my game.

Water Park

Another great place for spending time and having fun with the kids on weekends. The waterpark is one of my favorite places and my sims often go there with their toddlers and kids. I use this waterpark and this one. Both are fun for kids and toddlers.

Hotel Bar

A good place for a couple to go out. There’s a bar, pool, nightclub, restaurant, or any type of lot you want – with the only difference that there are rooms with beds, so it becomes kind of a hotel. I think it’s a great lot for couples to celebrate a new year or honeymoon.

Also, here you can find event mods by Kiarasims4mods that can help you have more interesting events in the game and take your sims out more often.

I love this Pink Vice Motel because it looks amazing, like a real motel. I usually take my sims there in summer. Another hotel I like is Kleines Hotel Am Meer. Good for a honeymoon and Valentine’s Day.


Your sims can have a Memorial Day and go to the cemetery to remember those who are gone. Every time a sim dies, you can place their tomb in the cemetery where you’ll see all the members of your sim family.

Add more holidays

Add more holidays to your calendar. This is another reason to go out into a community lot and make your sims have fun with their friends and family. Think about different activities your sims could do. For example, I have a pool day when my sims go out to a pool, beach, or a water park. They have drinks and swim, and I have a picnic day when my sims gather near a fireplace, I make a barbecue and tell horror stories.

Here you can find a mod for more holiday traditions.

This adds more variety of activities and with that, you can get more ideas for new holidays.

Take screenshots and photos

I like to share my special moments and events in the game with my friend. If you have friends who play Sims too, it could be fun sharing stories and photos of your sims.

I also like taking pics from the first-person mode (Shift+Tab) during a Christmas celebration. It makes me feel like I’m a part of their company 🙂

Another thing I like to do is take photos with an actual camera in the game at special events like birthdays, weddings, and holidays and put them on the wall in my sim’s house. Eventually, when some of my sims die, those photos are left as a memory for the next generations.

Keep playing with one family

I found it more interesting having a big family with aunts, sisters, and cousins living in different houses, so they can visit each other and meet on holidays, and go on vacations together. For example, at Christmas, I usually take all my family on vacation to Granite falls and place them in a decorated Christmas house so they can celebrate together.

Use Challenge Generator

In this post, I shared my favorite challenge generators. I find it fun because you get a generational goal and miscellaneous fun that your sims must follow. I like to use these generators a lot now because it allows me to diversify the game, and my sims will do more interesting things that I usually wouldn’t have thought about.

Create clubs for different activities

There are not many clubs in Sims 4 by default, so you can create more clubs for different hobbies like:

Kids’ Club

I often create clubs for my kids where they can meet new friends, do homework, play instruments, and paint so that way they are not stuck at home most of the time and develop their skills faster.

Knitting & Cross Stitch club for elders

Create a special knitting club for elders where they can meet new sims and maybe have a new romance if they are singles. They can share their creations with each other or create new clothes and gifts for their grandkids. In my opinion, this is a great activity for elders, it helps them diversify their life and avoid boredom at home.

Woodworking, candles, and eco objects crafting club

Create a club if you want to improve the crafting skill of your sims

I found it easier and more interesting to craft objects in a club. I used this factory for meetings, it has everything your sims need for crafting and the lot looks great.

Create the life of your dream in the game

Create yourself and build the house of your dreams, create the life you’d like to have in real life. Or maybe you could do something crazy like dating your favorite celebrity.

Create characters from your favorite series or movies

If there are characters from TV or movies you like, you can create them and follow a specific storyline from the series, or even change it to how you want it.

I hope these tips will help you make your game more diverse and fun!

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