Daria Bedroom, a custom content set with 11 bedroom items for The Sims 4. Created by myshunosun.ALT

Daria Bedroom

Daria Bedroom is a set of 11 new bedroom objects. The bedframe and the bedding from this set are now my favorite bedroom items 🌚 You can read more about the items, find the in-game preview and download the set below!

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Preview of 11 items from myshunosun's Daria Bedroom custom content set for The Sims 4.ALT

In-game preview of items from myshunosun's Daria Bedroom custom content set for The Sims 4.ALT

Here’s what you get: 

  • Double bedframe, 30 swatches, 1100§   
  • Double mattress, 18 swatches, 650§  
  • Bedroom bench, 30 swatches, 200§ 
  • Shelf, 14 swatches, 800§ 
  • End table, 14 swatches, 150§ 
  • Dresser, 14 swatches, 500§ 
  • Rug, 18 swatches, 200§ 
  • Stack of books, 5 swatches, 80§ 
  • Potted plant, 14 swatches, 120§ 
  • Short candle, 16 swatches, 50§ 
  • Tall candle, 16 swatches, 50§ 

Here’s some more info and credits: 

  • Base game compatible 
  • New meshes, all LODs 
  • Custom specular and normal maps 
  • Custom catalog thumbnails, tagged swatches 
  • Simlish font is by gazifu 
  • Swatches come from my personal palette and from peacemaker-ic’s color palettes 
  • You can get more decorative stacks of books from my other sets: Arrie Office, Lottie Bedroom, Dawn Living 

You can search for “daria” or “myshunosun” in the buy catalog to quickly access these items. Enjoy! 

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Download link here

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