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DECO REVIVAL PALETTES by amoebae (and Maxis!)

I was building an art deco building with the new build-buy items from High School Years and getting frustrated that there weren’t more wall options that matched the window colours. I decided I had to make some myself (I do love my walls), and that meant creating a palette that matched.

Deco Revival has 12 swatches that match the colours on the High School Years windows, as well as walls like Hallway Stone. I’m recolouring and making lots of walls (and some floors, and maybe some more windows and doors!) to match, but thought it would be neat if you all had the palette to make whatever things you wanted too.

But come on, you know me. 12 swatches was never going to be enough. So I went through the ornate tiled walls that came with the expansion pack and selected 32 more for good measure. Some are quite similar, but my I can’t choose brain won’t let me, well, choose – so you get them all in the Deco Revival Extended palette. They are all different to the main Deco Revival 12 swatches, just about, and

Download link here

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