soiconic:ICONIC | Vadia Grunge Set


ICONIC | Vadia Grunge Set for The Sims 4

This set includes:

  1. Riquissima Hair
  2. Brusa De Ir Pra Escola Cropped
  3. Couro Falso Handbag
  4. Lacre Glasses
  5. Passada Pants
  6. Dondoca High Heels

The handbag comes in two versions. The Handbag V1 has its UV Map located where the Hats UV is. And V2 version has the UV Map located in the UV Extra for bottom content (like pants). If you use this complete look, I advise you to use V2, because V1 has a conflict with the hair because the “baby hair” part is in the Hats UV as well. This sounds very weird, but if you don’t understan

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