cuupid’s 💘 EROS ||…

Download link here

💘 EROS || CAKE 💘

  • 100% new mesh and textures
  • all LODS
  • 21 swatches for gag [Found in Lip Ring Left Category] (4k poly)

  • 16 swatches for top (9k poly)
  • 16 swatches for panties w/ thigh squish ver. (4k poly) 
  • 17 swatches for kitten socks w/ thigh squish ver. [Found in Shoes Category] (4k poly)
  • HQ compatible
  • Outfit made using WW body as a base
  • Socks made using MB’s tip-toe Feet v7 as a base
  • No Slider required for socks

So the socks don’t clip, I’ve made a regular and soft thigh version without the lower legs, put the socks on to hide it! I’ve also made a r

Download link here

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