cuupid’s Simblreen Weekend 1:…

Download link here

Simblreen Weekend 1: Gift Set #1 – SLASHER

Yesssss, lets get this started! My porch light is on now until 11pm EDT!

If you need a refresher on how my little gacha Simblreen will work, here’s a refresher:

To make this year a little bit more fun, I thought that I would incorporate the fun part of a Gacha mechanic (the random/RNG part, not the one where you spend money lol)! I will post the previews of my Simblreen treat keys on my blog so people can see what they have the possibility of receiving that weekend.

See a treat you want? Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Come to my Inbox
  2. Be off Anon
  3. Ask for a treat (trick or treat, pun, poem, etc.)
  4. I will spin my lucky prize wheel and see what number it lands on
  5. Whatever number you get, you will receive the gift it corresponds with!

You can do this as many times as you want (until you get a treat you want or until you have the whole set). You can contact me through asks or DMs, it’s up to you.

*forgot to add that I won’t be keeping track of who gets what so you will receive dupes sometimes!

I also ask that everyone follows a few rules I have so this doesn’t go horribly wrong:

  1. Do not spam my inbox! If you’ve sent trick or treat ask, please wait for it to be answered first before you send another
  2. Please be patient! It’s just me answering these asks and I’m as slow as a snail sometimes (sorry ;-;)
  3. Try to avoid using anon! The asks have to b

Download link here

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