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Here is a revamp of my dreadlock hairs that I released throughout the years. Plus a few new meshes. This collection consists of 90 hairs. Many are slight modifications of previous versions. Also please use caution with some of these hairs, they are higher polycounts. I would suggest you test and download the ones that work for your respective computer specs. Please delete any hair from my previous SavvySweet name when downloading.

For example: If you see [savvy.sweet] lana locs in your mods folder, replace it with (sheabuttyr) – lana locs.

  • Hat Compatible
  • Maxis 24 swatches + 7 Mod Max swatches
  • don’t re-upload/claim as your own

download: patreon

Hair List by picture order (left to right):

  • Lynette Locs V1
  • Lynette Locs V2
  • Laurel Locs (femme frame)
  • Drida Dreads
  • Libby Locs
  • Loque Locs (femme frame)
  • Nine Hair Retexture
  • Donna Dreads
  • Lynda Locs V1
  • Lynda Locs V2
  • Lamia Locs
  • Ledisi Locs
  • Louisa Locs V1
  • Louisa Locs V2
  • Louisa Locs V3
  • Dannie Dreads V1
  • Dannie Dreads V2
  • Dannie Dreads V3
  • Mel Locs Retexture V1
  • Mel Locs Retexture V2
  • Lamela Locs
  • Lyra Locs V1
  • Lyra Locs V2
  • Lyra Locs V3
  • Lana Locs V1
  • Lana Locs V2
  • Laria Locs V1
  • Laria Locs V2
  • Laria Locs V3
  • Lunestra Locs V1
  • Lunestra Locs V2
  • Akasha Dreads Retexture V1 (mesh needed)
  • Akasha Dreads Retexture V2 (mesh needed)
  • London Locs (femme frame)
  • Davina Dreads
  • Didi Dreads
  • Lydia Locs
  • Lindsay Locs V1
  • Lindsay Locs V2
  • Lindsay Locs V3
  • Lindsay Locs Bun V1
  • Lindsay Locs Bun V2
  • Lindsay Locs Bun V3
  • Dylia Dreads V1
  • Dylia Dreads V2
  • Dylia Dreads V3
  • Dylia Dreads V4
  • Dylia Dreads V5
  • Dylia Dreads V6
  • Dylia Dreads V7
  • Dylia Dreads V8
  • Have Mercy Hair V1
  • Have Mercy Hair V2
  • Have Mercy Hair V3
  • Have Mercy Hair V4
  • Have Mercy Hair

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