Heurrs’ Velvet Art Deco…

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Velvet Art Deco Bed – Now out of early access!

This bed is now out of early access and available to everyone. Have fun!

Velvet Art Deco Bed – nine swatches
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Pictured with:
Caine Living Foiled Gold Canvas by Peacemaker, found here

Seattle Wall Sconce by Leosims, found here

February 22 Frame by AnYe, found here

Laguna Bedroom Books 2 by ForeverDesigns, found here

Golden Side Tables by me, not released yet

KaleHouse Floor Bed Pillows recolour by dk-sims, found here

KaleHouse Floorbed Blanket 2 recolour by dk-sims, found here

Kalehouse original meshes by novvvas, found here

Laidback Urban Plant by CWB, foun

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