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marmalade | 🍯

named this whilst I was really jonesing for a piece of toast with marmalade hence the name…

any who it’s just a huge mish-mash of all my favorite skin details at the moment, squished into one set so I can layer even more stuff on top because enough is never enough !!!

  • all ages (toddlers – elders)
  • all frames (guys, gals, + nb pals !!!)
  • hand, leg, feet definition
  • monolid/free eyelid version
  • found under mouth crease, occult cheek scar, & front torso tattoo

big credits to: ditZn, PYXIS, s4nexus, sammi_xox, faaeish, valuka and miikocc

other than the moles, nose shadow, and a very faint lip gloss, no additional skin details are added

Download 📂- [Patreon], freebs of course! – alt: [sfs]

Download link here

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