Two sim characters showing off their arm tattoos.ALT

Homemade Tattoos – Maxis Match tattoos

Here’s a set of random Maxis Match tattoo designs that I made in Figma. I do stick and poke tattoos as a hobby, so some of these designs are inspired by tattoos that I have IRL. You get two files:

  • Varied tattoo combinations with 3 swatches for left arm designs, 8 swatches for right arm designs
  • Teen to elder, all genders
  • Not allowed for random
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Base game compatible
Preview of myshunosun's arm tattoo designs for The Sims 4.ALT

Download tattoos (always free on Patreon) / Follow me on social media

@maxismatchccworld @s4library @public-ccfinds @mmfinds @sssvitlanz

Download link here

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