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DESERT LUXE END TABLES and bonus candle by amoebae

More recolours from the excellent Desert Luxe kit. This time it’s the two stone end tables. These look best in the neutral colours from Image Spectra, but all the richer jewel tones from that palette are included too. I also think the round table looks better than the square, but they’re both there for completion’s sake.

You’ll also spot the Scented Citronella candle from the Backyard Stuff pack. I recoloured this years ago and never got around to releasing it, despite using it in a lot of my builds and cc release shots. I almost always use the swatch in this picture, all the others have the light colour at the bottom and the other Image Spectra swatches at the top. I don’t remember my thought process at the time, but it is what it is.

Pictured above with my recolour of the Desert Luxe sofa and Desert Luxe ch

Download link here

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