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2022 is over, and as usual, I’m analyzing the data to comprehend which items you prefer to download, which terms you search more on the site, etc.
I usually only add these “top 10 downloads” on my site, but this year, I decided to do this small post, plus this text explaining how it influences my upcoming cc.

Mainly I use these statics to decide what to do more often or/and less.

For example, the more searches term and also the item with the most downloads is hair(s); based on it, I’ll try to do hairs more often.

Of course, the notes/likes on Tumblr, Patreon, and Instagram and the amount of access to the item’s download page on my site are also considered. I take notes too of how much I see my cc in lookbooks, conversions, and recolors.

I also consider the current weather of the majority of my public, that are mostly from the north of the planet.

Fun fact,

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