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As my birthday is approaching, I decided to work on items based on me or/and things I like, and I’ll do it a few times more this month, and these nails are one of the items I planned following this idea. They’re based on how I like to have my nails; my real-life nails are usually shorter, as they insist on breaking. 😞

My idea was to do the tips with square ends, not so long as a natural nail can be, or at least my own natural nails.
As it’s uv_mapped nail by nail separately, it is possible to have a massive quantity of color schemes and be able to have a more colorful nail option in the game.

Even with more color possibilities, I did only a few swatches by now, 68.
Yet, I plan to return to add even more, maybe using the same color palette of “Vanilla Nails” or another color palette I have done that’s about 55 colors. 🤔

As shown in the photo bellow these nails have three versions, the difference between them is the specular map.

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