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These socks/boots were inspired by a very, very old cc I did years ago (almost five years, I’m feeling old now, haha), “Sad Kid Boots” from mine “Simstagram Famous Collection – Aesthetic Babe.” 


I just took the “Sad Kid Boots” main idea and updated it to my 2023 cc style. Well, I tried, but I did very different boots in the end, but I liked it so much for merely not releasing it. 

Besides being inspired by an old item of mine, I’m considering not giving the same name and not adding it to my collection of remakes (“Candace By Candace,” aka. “CxC”), as it ended up looking different from the older one.

I’m thinking of doing an actual remake of the old boots again later, making the textures more identical this time, but it’s a plan for the future.

With a higher heel, more color options (55 in total), and now with a detailed wool texture that looks very cozy and warm but at the same time fashionable. 

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