madlen’s Lucrezia CollectionSooo I…

Lucrezia Collection

Sooo… I think I did it!!! 🥰 First TS4 elevating shoes with no slider needed!🌟

The system is really simple, already implemented by TS4, it works like TS3 did. I just did a “little” workaround!

They elevate the sim when you wear them, and when the sim changes the outfit the default height is back!

I won’t bother with technical details, I’ll leave it for another post.

The issues are minor and logical, which means that since the sim height is changed certain animation might appear tiny bit misplaced (e.g. kissing, the lips aren’t perfectly matching) but I really don’t mind this.

Sim feet come back at default when sitting, to avoid a slight levitation in the chair.

Since it’s something new, feel free to share feedback! I’ve let a couple of people test them and no major issues were found.

BTW They look so good in the game!!

Have fun!

DOWNLOAD (Public 7/Feb/23)

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