bergdorfverse’s BergClassy: Sweetheart SetHey…

BergClassy: Sweetheart Set

Hey everyone, here is a matching dress & heels set by me and @slay-classy! We thought her Yves Dress my Dripping Crystal Sandals would match really well together and decided to combine them for a cute look. We hope you will enjoy this set as much as we do 💞

Get the Yves Dress by SlayClassy HERE

You will get:

Dripping Crystal Sandals

10 Swatches
Slider & Base Game Versions
1 Decor Version
Specular Map for Realistic Shine

All LODs // Disabled for Random // Custom Thumbnail


Conversion // Do not recolor or convert without permission // Do not re-upload

Base Mesh Credit: Neutral Tones

Instagram // Pinterest // Patreon // Tumblr

Download link here

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